Undergraduate Pathway Program (UPP): Business

The Manning School of Business (MSB) at UMass Lowell prepares you for a professional business career in a global environment while serving as a hub of industry partnerships fostering regional economic development through education, research and outreach activities.

Your direct pathway to UMass Lowell



Two to three semesters

Semester start dates


Summer: May 2017

Fall: September 2017

Spring: January 2018

Program list:

An Accounting Concentration will prepare you for a professional career as a certified public accountant (CPA) or for a career in corporate, governmental or not-for-profit accounting. Accounting courses will help you learn the"language of business" and translate the daily activities of a business into useful financial information to facilitate decision making.

The entrepreneurship concentration prepares students to be an "outside of the box" thinker and innovator in today's complex global economy. Using an interdisciplinary focus, students who complete the concentration will:
- Develop the management skills required to identify and launch new business ventures around innovative products, services and technologies.
- Develop an understanding of the concepts and activities associated with entrepreneurship and innovation.
- Understand the financial aspects of an entrepreneurial venture from start-up to "harvest".
- Discover their individual "entrepreneurial spirit" through experiential learning in interdisciplinary classes and the College's Venture Lab.

The Finance Concentration prepares you for careers in small and large firms, as well as in specialized financial industries such as commercial and investment banking, insurance, and real estate. The coursework for the finance concentration will help you:
- Analyse complex financial situations.
- Evaluate investment opportunities for institutions and individuals.
- Manage corporate operations and expansion.
- Forecast financial needs and manage cash flows.
- Assess projects to determine financial viability.

The International Business Concentration provides you with the broad range of skills you'll need for an international career in a rapidly evolving global workplace. Concentration coursework will assist you to:
- Develop an awareness of management concepts, systems and practices in different countries and institutional settings.
- Understand cultural dynamics, economics and political constraints as they affect the marketing and sales aspect of international business.
- Assess and evaluate the financial risks associated with multi-national firms, and address global sourcing strategies. This includes: managing supply and demand uncertainties, distribution strategies for global operations, and managing strategic alliances.
- Learn more about the role that information technology and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) plays in managing global supply chains.
- Enhance your understanding of the details and nuances of international trade.

The Management Concentration provides you with the broad range of skills needed to become a highly competent manager in today's complex global economy. The skills you acquire can be applied in any company and functional area of business. Concentration coursework will assist you to:
- Develop the 21st century leadership skills that are so necessary for company competitiveness and personal advancement.
- Effectively deal with the complex human resource issues that contemporary managers must face every day.
- Develop the team building, project, negotiation and conflict management skills that lead to better problem solving and decision making.
- Skillfully manage your own career by developing strategies that maximize your life-long professional potential.
The Management knowledge and skills you will acquire include: leadership, managing teams and projects, current human resource policies, practices and laws, negotiating, managing conflict, career management and other current and emerging issues in the field.

The MIS Concentration provides you with knowledge of computer and information technologies, prepares you for careers that include IT Support & Help Desk Services, Database and Network Administration, E-Business and Enterprise Systems Support. Concentration coursework will help you:
- Learn the fundamentals of applying information technologies in business.
- Develop the skills to manage and maintain information systems in business.
- Solve real-world business problems with IT systems.
- Acquire the knowledge to design and develop information systems to solve business problems.

A degree in marketing equips graduates for a range of professions, from marketing research to public relations to product management. The marketing concentration will give you:
- exposure to all aspects of the field, including: identifying customer needs, and developing products, services and programs that will satisfy them
- the tools and techniques that can make the difference between success and failure for a business, public agency or nonprofit organization
Coursework is supplemented with an internship program, independent study projects and the activities of the Marketing Club.

Supply Chain & Operations Management Concentration provides you with an understanding of the complex web of activities, people and organizations needed to deliver products and services to customers, from small retailers to large Fortune 500 corporations. Concentration coursework will help you:
- Understand the significance of supply chain and operations management in competing in the global marketplace.
- Learn about Six Sigma and other quality tools that have helped the world's leading companies save millions of dollars and improve customer satisfaction.
- Develop the skills needed to make critical decisions about a company's supply and distribution networks, warehousing needs and customer service standards.

UPP: Business program components

UPP program components

UPP credit hours applied to degree: 30 / Remaining credit hours to complete degree program: 90

Semester 1 Course title Credits

NAV 101

Navigating the Undergraduate Pathway



College Writing A ESL



Economics I



Management Pre-Calculus plus Lab



Management Pre-Calculus Supplemental Instruction



Total credits


Semester 2 Course title Credits


College Writing I



Management Calculus



Economics II



Introduction to Business



Supplemental Instruction



Total credits


Semester 3 Course title Credits


College Writing II



Life Science plus Lab



Introduction to Sociology



Supplemental Instruction



Total credits



Total program credits


Program information

Progression requirements:

  • Overall GPA of 2.5
  • No grade below C
  • Minimum number of credits: 30
  • Students must successfully complete College Writing II ESL in order to matriculate to sophomore year with UML.

Program notes:

  • Placement in Math and College Writing courses is determined by the University’s Math and English writing assessments. If students do not place into the math or writing course, an additional semester may be necessary.
  • Students in UPP: 3 Semesters with English start with a semester of Academic English and then proceed into the same course of study as students in UPP: 3 Semesters
Entry to second year of your UMass Lowell College of Management degree program

Bachelor of Science

  • Accounting
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • International Business
  • Management

    - Management Information Systems

  • Marketing
  • Supply Chain & Operations Management

Employment and Career Options

  • Budget Analysis
  • Business Consultation
  • Auditing
  • Financial Analysis
  • Investment Banking
  • International Banking
  • Cultural Advising
  • Project Management
  • Operations Management
  • Brand and Product Management
  • Web Development
  • Information Technology Consultant